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 access control, access control turnstiles, patented MAC Portal, MSSI, Modular Security Systems Inc, portable perimeter security, perimeter turnstiles, perimeter security system, pre fabricated guard house, turnstiles, turnstileModular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has been building custom portable perimeter security solutions since 2004. Since its' inception MSSI has Patented the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and is in the process of obtaining a patent for the Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal. Working directly with our customers to design site specific security solutions that include guard houses, turnstiles, and access control technology MSSI has built a wide range of portable security solutions from ISO shipping containers. Using the latest in container modification techniques MSSI has been able to develop a product line of standard and custom perimeter security modules. Establishing itself as a one stop shop for perimeter security offices and gate solutions that can be easily delivered and relocated MSSI has created a variety of products with options that include hot and cold climate insulation packages, ballistic ratings, and biometric access control technology.

MSSI, perimeter security system, turnstile, turnstiles, access control turnstiles, pre fabricated guard house, patented MAC Portal, Modular Security Systems Inc, access control, perimeter turnstiles, portable perimeter security MSSI is currently in the process of building a MAC-2 DuoCon with a tandem turnstile, a MAC-4 with two tandem turnstiles, a MAC-6 with three tandem turnstiles, and a 4' x 6' guard office, for a major hospital construction project in Montreal, Canada. The CHUM superhospital, as it's known in Montreal, will be built by a consortium made up of European companies in a public-private partnership and is set to open in 2016. In the early stages of construction MSSI was tasked with providing the perimeter security units mentioned above. As a means to manage workers entry and exit to and from the project these custom Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals and guard houses will be integrated with site specified access control technology for timekeeping and payroll.

MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with an expertise in designing and manufacturing portable perimeter security solutions meant to address the ever-changing need for security on industrial construction projects, power plants, refineries, ports, and commercial construction projects. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries, and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit systems, and large outdoor public events.

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