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Since it's inception in 2004 Modular Security Systems Inc. has worked to make security installations at major projects around the world more affordable, as well as, quick and easy to install. With the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal MSSI has been able to save customers in major industrial and commercial construction significant amounts of time and money. The MAC Portal, a portable perimeter security system built from rugged ISO shipping containers, full height, high security turnstiles and access control systems can be found on a number of major projects including the Freedom Tower construction site in New York City, New York. By providing an easy to install, use, relocate, and reuse product like the MAC Portal MSSI has made a name for itself with regards to perimeter security for contractors in the U.S. as well as abroad.

More recently MSSI has begun to maintain perimeter security for not only foot traffic but also vehicles. Over the last year or so MSSI has built a dozen portable vehicle barrier gates with and without guard offices. By installing industry proven vehicle barrier arms with the portability of custom designed steel bases and ISO shipping containers MSSI has come up

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 with yet another portable perimeter security solution. The first VAC Portal built had an 8' x 10' office with two vehicle barrier arms. Since building it the VAC Portal has seen a number of changes to adapt to the varying needs of specific locations and customers. The newest perimeter security system to come off the manufacturing floor is this Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal with a 4' x 6' guard shack and two vehicle barrier arms.

This VAC Portal like the others before it has been delivered to a location where it'll be offloaded, connected to power, and will be ready to start managing vehicle traffic in and out of a major industrial construction site.

For more information on the Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal, the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and all of the Portable Perimeter Security Solutions offered by MSSI feel free to contact us HERE or call toll free at 888-388-7768.