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The opening of the 10th annual American Electric Power BRO Forum is just one week away. At this years forum MSSI, DropBox Inc., Johnny on the Spot and Storage on the Spot will be sharing a trailer space and displaying products from each of the companies. For the past 10 years American Electric Power has hosted the information rich forum for AEP employees, vendors, and guest utility representatives to gather and share cutting edge industry knowledge. The forum will begin next Tuesday August 7th and run through Thursday August 9th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center located at 400 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

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At the convention center in trailer spot 3 MSSI will be displaying a number of portable perimeter security solutions that have been used at AEP plants for outages, turnarounds, and capital projects in the past. One of the most popular units within the AEP system that will be displayed is the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal. These portable perimeter security solutions are basically ISO shipping containers with full height turnstiles, access control technology, and a guard office that can be used to control access to a project, as well as, manage payroll, time keeping, and theft. Patented MAC Portals like the one that will be on display have been used at a number of AEP locations to provide security through the turnstiles and guard office, as well as, assist project management via access control technology that can keep precise, easily manageable data for payroll and time keeping. These units have been found extremely beneficial on large projects where hundreds of additional manpower hours are needed and have helped improve security, as well as, hinder MSSI, guard shack, guard booth, guard house, perimeter security solutiontheft of tools and time.

MSSI, MAC Portal, turnstiles, turnstiles in a container, perimeter security solutionMSSI will also be taking a 4' x 6' guard booth and a MAC-1 (MAC Portal with one turnstile and no guard office) to the BRO Forum. These smaller portable perimeter security solutions by MSSI have been found extremely useful on projects where the need for security may not be as high as on larger projects. Portable guard shacks have also been used as access control for lay down yards and are becoming permanent fixtures on many projects because of the units flexibility and ease of transport. 

For more information on the products offered by MSSI feel free to contact us here or call toll free at 888-388-7768.