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Modular Security Systems Inc. is the Patent holder of Containerized Turnstiles in the United States and Canada. MSSI has been building Patented MAC Portals using shipping containers with turnstiles and access control technology since 2004. As per the official patent abstract from the United States Patent and Trademark Office MSSI has a patent on "a portable container is provided which comprises a passing room(s) allowing entry into a second area into a first area, the passing room having at least two openings with a walkway in-between. Barrier device(s) can be located in the walkway but not connected to the first or second opening. A control room(s) can also be provided, the control room being connected to the passing room(s)."MSSI, Modular Security Systems Inc, MAC Portal, Turnstiles, half height turnstiles, turnstiles in containers, turnstiles and access control in turnstiles

MSSI has been building MAC Portals in a wide range of configurations with as little as one and up to ten full height, high security turnstiles in a single container. MSSI has also built MAC Portals using half height turnstiles (pictured on the right) and access control technology for a few locations per customer request.

MSSI has worked with customers over the years to create an inventory of standard MAC Portals that work for most locations as well as custom MAC Portals for sites with different needs. MSSI has also worked with a number of turnstile manufacturers and access control partners in the United States and Canada to provide the custom MAC Portal customers need for their site. 

For a quote on one of these turnstiles and access control in ISO shipping container modifications feel free to contact us here or call toll free at 888-388-7768.