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MSSI, Turnstiles, CFR 73.51 solution, cfr 73.51, turnstile, turnstiles in a container Last week Modular Security Systems Inc. attended the National Nuclear Security Conference in Orlando, FL at the Peabody Hotel. At the show representatives from MSSI had time to meet with security professionals from over a hundred nuclear sites across the country, as well as, other vendors to the nuclear security industry. A couple of years ago MSSI and the MAC Portal saw a large uptick in business from the nuclear industry by way of a regulation to increase the size of the isolation zone or perimeter of nuclear plants in the United States. That regulation to increase the security of these highly sensitive nuclear sites opened the doors for a number of relationships for MSSI and our patented brand of turnstile security.

This year MSSI learned of a new rule, CFR 73.51, that the Nuclear Regulatory Commisionturnstiles, mssi, mac portal, v-series mac portal, perimeter security, cfr 73.51 solution hopes to extend to plants in order to protect stored spent nuclear and high-level radioactive waste. In the new regulation independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) or monitored retrievable storage (MRS) installations will need to be used to protect these highly sensitive materials from workers at the site and the surrounding communities.

Having the experience and relationships already established within the industry MSSI hopes to use the MAC Portal, our perimeter security solution with access control and turnstiles in containers to help sites meet the new regulation from the NRC. By delivering a portable, easily installed access control solution with turnstiles MSSI hopes to make nuclear power facilities secure and safer.

For more information on MSSI, the Patented MAC Portal, and other perimeter security solutions feel free to contact us or call toll free at 888-388-7768.