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MAC Portal, MSSI, Turnstiles, Turnstiles in a container, turnstiles and guard houseModular Security Systems Inc. turns ISO shipping containers and turnstiles into Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals for perimeter security minded customers all around the world. MSSI has used turnstiles from a wide range of turnstile manufacturers from Alvarado to Boon Edam, and Controlled Access to name a few. In the process of building customer specified MAC Portals MSSI has used half-height turnstiles, single full height turnstiles, tandem turnstiles, and even turnstiles with metal detection for some nuclear facilities in the United States. This week MSSI will be delivering two MAC-8 (MAC Portal with eight turnstile lanes) units that utilize four sets of tandem turnstiles and an optional floor plan. The guard office in the MAC-8 (pictured above) has been moved to the end of the container as opposed to being located in the center of the unit. 

turnstiles, tandem turnstiles, MSSI, MAC Portal, Turnstiles in a shipping container MSSI, MAC Portal, Turnstiles, Turnstile, Turnstile in a container

By using full height tandem turnstiles additional space in this MAC Portal was freed up to be used as the guard office. This unit will be hooked to power and integrated with access control technology once it arrives on site. For more information MSSI, the Patented MAC Portal, our Turnstile Manufacturing Partners and other Custom Options for your MAC Portal feel free to Contact MSSI, call toll free at 888-388-7768 and check back as our Turnstile Blog is regularly updated.