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turnstiles, turnstiles and access control, turnstiles in a container, mac portal, mssiModular Security Systems Inc. is just a little over two months away from the 2nd anniversary of recieving the Official Patent for the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal. On July 27th 2010 the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent number 7,762,025 to MSSI for "turnstiles in a container" and the MAC Portal. In the nearly 2 years since receiving the original patent an additional patent for multi-container units (US: 8,015,754) and the Canadian patent (CA: 2,587,968) have also been issued. patented mac portal, turnstiles in a container, turnstiles, mssi, mac portal

MSSI would like potential customer to know that these patents for the MAC Portal are not turnstile type or brand specific. MSSI is not restricted to integrating only full-height turnstiles of a particular brand into a MAC Portal. MSSI can work with potential customers on the perimeter security solution they require with the access control technology and turnstiles they need whether they are full height or half height. MSSI has been pleased with the performance of all makes and models of turnstiles that have been installed in the past and we encourage customers visit our Turnstiles and Turnstile Manufacturers page to learn more about the variety of turnstiles available. 

MSSI would like to use these patents to enable it to team up with distributors interested in providing these perimeter security solutions with access control turnstiles in a cross marketing effort of the Patented MAC Portal.

We encourage potential partners in the industrial and commercial construction industry to contact us, call toll free at 888-388-7768 and visit for more information on the MAC Portal.