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Modular Security Systems Inc. has been building the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal as a transportable perimeter security system for customers since its' inception in 2004. In that time MSSI has sent MAC Portals with full height turnstiles, and access control technology to locations all over the world. From more local places like the Marathon refinery in Catlettsburg, Kentucky the Freedom Tower Construction Project in New York City, New York MSSI has made a name for itself in the world of perimeter security. The majority of MAC Portals are built with full height, high security turnstiles. Occasionally though we get the request to install half-height or waste-high turnstiles in our Patented MAC Portals. Pictured in this weeks blog are images of what the two different types of turnstiles actually look like when installed in MAC Portals. Above are full height turnstiles offer by two of our many turnstile manufacturing partners.

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This second row of images are MAC Portals with half-height turnstiles installed and ready for delivery. For obvious security reason both full height and half height turnstiles have their own specific place in the world of perimeter security. Both types of units (half-height and full height turnstiles in MAC Portals) make sense for different locations based on their site specific needs and both come delivered, "plug and play" ready to be dropped in a fence line, hooked to power, and put to use.

For more information MSSI, the Patented MAC Portal, our Turnstile Manufacturing Partners and other Custom Options for your MAC Portal feel free to Contact MSSI, call toll free at 888-388-7768 and check back as our Turnstile Blog is regularly updated.