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Modular Security Systems Inc.
has seen an increase in demand for our patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals from our neighbors to the north. Customers in Canada including Syncrude, Imperial Oil, and Kiewit have all ordered custom MAC Portals in the first quarter of 2012. While installing turnstiles in shipping containers to create MAC Portals has become standard practice for MSSI the placement of these units in Canada has posed some additional challenges in the past. Modifying MAC Portals to contend with remote locations and in some cases sub arctic climates MSSI has increased quality control and insulation techniques. Through the use of spray-in foam insulation and other techniques MSSI has been able to repeatedly satisfy our customers in the North and that satisfaction has been proven through repeat business.

mssi, mac portal, modular access control mac portal, turnstiles in shipping container, turnstiles canada, canada turnstiles  MSSI, MAC Portal, turnstiles in canada, canada turnstiles, turnstiles in a shipping container

MSSI has built what could be considered standard MAC Portals as well as custom units for customers in Canada for a number of years. "Having the ability to send our MAC Portals to these remote locations in both cold climates as well as desert climates like places in the Middle East and Western U.S. we've been able to provide portable solutions for more customers and broaden our market", stated David Johnson, international sales manager for MSSI. "We encourage customers, regardless of their location and climate, to contact us. I know for a fact that we can provide a MAC Portal with the right insulation package to insure a climate controlled unit." 

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