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Modular Security Systems Inc.
just recently completed construction on a new Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with six turnstile lanes and no office. Given the space requirements of the site and the lack of need for a guard office this MAC-6 was built with three tandem turnstiles and access control technology. By using tandem turnstiles as opposed to single full height turnstiles MSSI is able to get more personnel lanes in a smaller amount of space. This custom MAC Portal was built like many MAC Portals with the customers site specific needs in mind. Working closely with the safety and security team members on the site this Custom MAC Portal was designed and built through a collaborative design/build process.

MSSI has a line of what could be considered "standard" products but we encourage potential customers that don't see exactly what they need here at to Contact Us with any and all ideas. MSSI has built patented MAC Portals and other perimeter security systems out of single ISO shipping containers but has also joined as many as 15 shipping containers together to create site specific solutions. 

To learn more about Modular Security Systems Inc and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and our Custom Options contact us or check back as our blog is regularly updated.