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Every week here at we like to take time to talk about current events, new builds, and other activities that Modular Security Systems Inc. is working on. The majority of our time is devoted to our Patented (MAC) Portal, access control, and turnstiles but this week in the Turnstile Blog we'd like to take some time to answer the question "Who uses Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals?"

The concept of combining ISO shipping containers, turnstiles, and access control is, believe it or not, a relatively new concept. Having spent the past few years working through the arduous patent process Modular Security Systems Inc. has built it's customer base from the ground up through word of mouth advertising and online marketing. In that time we have been able to build an impressive customer base ranging from major players in industrial and commercial construction to the power, refining, chemical, and nuclear industries.

Just a few of our customers:

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 To learn more about Modular Security Systems Inc and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and our Custom Options contact us or check back as our blog is regularly updated.