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Any security professional will tell you that perimeter barriers are the first step in securing any facility. As the outermost protective barrier of a security system, perimeter barriers act as the first line of defense with regards to site security. The primary function of perimeter barriers is to prevent unauthorized personel and materials from entering a secured location. Perimeter barriers can be created using fences and gates. Although fences provide some benefits they can often be broken through fairly quickly. For this very reason many high security sites opt to have additional guard houses and full height, high security turnstiles and access control technology like the Patented MAC Portal for personnel to enter the site.    

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MSSI has worked with a number of industrial contractors, industrial facilities, and security profesionals over the years to design and build perimeter security solutions like the Patented MAC Portal and V-Series MAC Portal. By utilizing new ISO shipping containers the movable shell of the MAC Portal comes in standard sizes with fork pockets and corner casting pre-installed. The standardization of the these shipping containers make them the perfect building block for a portable perimeter barrier. Once the full height turnstiles and access control technology is added the MAC Portal is ready to be dropped into a fenceline and utilized as a personel entry point in any perimeter barrier system

To learn more about Modular Security Systems Inc and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and our Perimeter Barrier Solutions contact us or check back as our blog is regularly updated. 

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) is a Portable Solutions Group Company. MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with expertise in designing and manufacturing unique perimeter security solutions for construction sites. Our mission is providing modular turn-key perimeter security solutions for a sustainable, safe, and more secure world. Our line of perimeter security solutions like the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal, and our ground-level guard houses are customizable and designed to be built to meet our customers’ site-specific requirements.