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mac-7 with ada gate, 7 turnstiles and ada gate, ada gate mac portal, mac portal
Modular Security Systems Inc. is the one stop shop for perimeter security companies in need of a customizable, portable access control guard house with turnstiles. Pictured above is a custom MAC-6 (MAC Portal with six turnstiles) that was just recently put in production. This custom MAC Portal will have six full height, high security turnstiles and an ADA gate as per the customers site specific requirements. Having installed ADA gates in a number of Custom MAC Portals for customers in the U.S. and abroad MSSI is excited to have the opportunity to build this unit for South Texas Nuclear in Bay City, Texas. Once onsite the unit will be dropped in a fenceline, hooked up to power, and utilized in managing perimeter security at the site for projects, outages, and turnarounds.   

turnstiles and ada gates, mac portal with ada gate, ada gate in a mac portal mac portal with ada gate, turnstiles and ada gate, ada gate in a mac portal

Pictured above and to the left is what a typical ADA gate installation in a MAC Portal looks like for customers interested in this option. This particular ADA gate was installed in the Custom MAC-3 shown above on the right and was just recently shipped to a nuclear customer in Idaho. Like all of our containerized, portable solutions the MAC Portal is a highly customizable access control solutions. With the ability to install both half-height and full height turnstiles, as well as, any customer specifed access control technology the options for your MAC Portal are almost unlimited.

To learn more about Modular Security Systems Inc and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and our Custom Options contact us or check back as our blog is regularly updated.