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three turnstiles, turnstiles in a guard house, guard house with turnstiles
Just recently Modular Security Systems Inc. delivered this Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with three turnstiles in a guard house. This unit has been put on site in Wilmington, NC as a way to maintain access control for this major construction project. Like all Patented MAC Portals this unit was built in Worthington, KY and was fully integrated with access control hardware and full height high security turnstiles before being delivered to the plant site. Upon delivery the MAC Portal was hooked to power and the access control software in the unit was tied into existing access control systems at the location. 

three turnstiles in a guard house, turnstiles in a guard house, mssi, turnstiles, access control turnstiles
Given the portability of MAC Portals this unit will, once this project is complete, be sent to another location to be used to maintain access control on a future project. The mobility of the MAC Portal and it's efficiency as a perimeter security solution that also tracks employees time for payroll make it the perfect solution for major industrial construction companies. By being able to use the unit on multiple sites this MAC Portal is sure to see a number of construction projects around the United States.

For more information on the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal feel free to contact us and check back as our Blog is regularly updated. You can also view the MAC Portal Demonstration Video by clicking here.