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In response to an overwhelming amount of customer demand Modular Security Systems Inc. has begun the process of designing and manufacturing new pre assembled, modular guard booths. For a number of years MSSI has manufactured and sold guard booths built from ISO shipping containers. Constructed from 16 guage corteen steel these units incorporate high security steel doors, high end windows, and HVAC units. Recently MSSI has received requests from customers who need a less robust model of guard booth to help them cut costs. In an effort to provide the affordable, portable solution our customers have requested MSSI has began working on these new portable guard shacks.                      

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Much like modular guard booths built from shipping containers these units will have a steel base with fork lift pockets so that they are easily transportable from site to site. They will also be fully insulated, climate controlled and wrapped with  corrugated, 24 guage steel panels to maintain the shipping container look. These "stick built" guard booths will be 4 feet wide, 6 feet long, and 8.5 feet tall. The only difference between these new guard booths and existing models will be that they're constructed using wood frames as opposed to steel.

Once these new portable guard shacks are complete MSSI will display new finished pictures with pricing to be listed at For more information on these new modular guard booths feel free to contact us.