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Turnstiles originated from a "stile" (pictured above) which was basically a series of steps or ladders used by people to allow passage through or over a fence. Originally stiles were used in the United Kingdom as a solution for farmers to create a way for themselves to cross over fences, walls, or hedgerows without allowing their livestock passage through. These stiles that have been used for hundreds of years and are still used to this day are the forefathers of what we currently call modern day turnstiles.

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Over time these stiles were modified to turn and allow only one person at a time to pass through to a secure area. Shortly there after modern turnstiles were developed as "waist high" or "half height" turnstiles. The first modern day turnstiles to be used have been credited to Clarence Saunders, who used them in his first Piggly Wiggly store. Higher security concerns soon lead to the advent of "full height" turnstiles which are more commonly used in places where security is of greater concern.   In recent years companies have seen the upside of using turnstiles to give an accurate count of attendance for major public events and as a verifiable method of time keeping for payroll purposes.

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