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Last week here at the Turnstile Blog MSSI announced it's preparations for the upcoming FPED VIII show in Fredericksburg, VA. We are happy to announce that the MAC-4 and the Dual Con with tandem turnstiles (2 turnstiles without a guard office) that were under construction last week are now complete and being prepared to ship to the show. Like all MAC Portals offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. these units began as 16 gauge corten steel shipping containers before being modified with full height, high security turnstiles, and access control technology.

turnstiles, mac portal, mssi, turnstile

These MAC Portals were painted a military tan color as opposed to the standard "container" blue of traditional units to match the military theme of Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED) VIII.

turnstiles, turnstiles in a guard office, portable turnstiles, mssi, mac portal

In addition to being completed, cleaned, and loaded with marketing material such as flyers, banners, tv's, and refreshments for attendees at the show these unit will be wrapped in a protective plastic. This heat shrinking material will ensure that these MAC Portals arrive in prestine show condition and will require little to no preparation for the opening of FPED VIII.

If you plan on attending FPED this year feel free to stop by booth 9-P and visit with Modular Security Systems Inc. To find more information regarding our Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals, other MSSI products and pricing feel free to Contact us and visit back as our Turnstile Blog is regularly updated.