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Turnstiles, Guard house with turnstiles, turnstiles in a guardhouse
MSSI is in the process of preparing 3 shipping container turnstile modifications for the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED VIII) that will be held May 17-19th at Stafford Regional Airport in Fredericksburg, VA. FPED is essentially a trade show for businesses and international military equipment distributors who meet every two years to demonstrate the latest in military technology. For this years event MSSI will be taking a Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with 4 full height, high security turnstiles and a guard office (pictured above). This unit will be fully insulated, wired for electrical, and data lines, and has already been painted desert tan to match similar military equipment.

two turnstiles, turnstiles in a mac portal, mac portal with 2 turnstiles

MSSI will also be displaying this desert tan "Dual-Con" MAC Portal with a tandem turnstile (two turnstiles) and no guard office. This unit, like it's predecessor, comes equipped with full height, high security turnstiles, and is portable from site to site via fork lift pockets and corner castings. It is also wired for electrical and access control technology with built in conduits.

Vehicle Access Control, Guard house with barrier arms, Guard house with barrier gates

The 3rd unit MSSI will be displaying is this proto-type for the Portable Vehicle Access Control unit that is currently under construction. This portable unit, once complete, will come equipped with an 10' (L) by 8' (W) guard booth and barrier arm gates for vehicle access control on a 30' (L) by 8' (W) "island". By securing the guard booth and the barrier arm system to the island MSSI has been able to create yet another portable solution for access control.

For more information on the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal feel free to contact us and check back as our Blog is regularly updated. You can also view the MAC Portal Demonstration Video by clicking here.