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MAC-3, MAC Portal, MSSI, turnstiles in a guard booth

About this time last year Modular Security Systems Inc. announced that it had sold it's first MAC Portal (a MAC-3, three turnstiles with a guard office) to the World Trade Center/Freedom Tower construction site in New York City. Once the MAC-3 arrived on site it was hooked up to power and put into use as an access control, entry/exit point for construction personel on this historic project. After a number of months in use the New York Port Authority agreed that the MAC Portal was the perfect solution for their access control needs and has just recently ordered a total of 7 additional MAC Portals.

MAC Portal, MSSI, Turnstiles, Access Control Turnstiles

This order of 7 MAC Portals will consist of one additional MAC-3 and six individual MAC-1 units (one turnstile unit without a guard booth). In addition to full height turnstiles and access card readers these units are also being integrated with a site specified iris scanning detection system. These sophisticated biometric access control systems scan the eyes of individuals wishing to enter the site to determine their identificaiton before the turnstiles spin. 

For more information on the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal feel free to contact us and check back as our Blog is regularly updated. You can also view the MAC Portal Demonstration Video by clicking here.

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