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In July of 2010 Modular Security Systems Inc. announced that it had received its patent for the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal in the United States. In addition to filing for intellectual property rights with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office MSSI has also filed for patent rights in many other countries around the world. In July of 2009, MSSI received an official Patent for its modular guard office with turnstiles and access control from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and just this week the Canadian Patent was approved.

MSSI received notification that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has issued the allowance notice for the patent application and MSSI should expect to receive it's official Canadian patent for the MAC Portal over the next few weeks.

According to Dave Johnson, MSSI Sales Manager for Canada, "This is a major step in our efforts to provide affordable, portable security solutions for a large number of customers in Canada and we are more than pleased to hear the news". David Slagel, Co-President/Owner, reiterated the notion that "We want to ensure our customers that the patents WILL NOT impact our product pricing, product quality or customer service. We remain committed to being the low cost solution for providing a modular access control guard house with turnstiles".

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