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MAC Portal, MAC-2, Two turnstiles, two turnstiles in a guard shack, two turnstiles in a guardhouse
Just recently completed construction on three Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals with two turnstiles for Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Once on site these three MAC-2's will help maintain perimeter security and regulated the entry of authorized personnel to and from the site. After purchasing a MAC-5 (five turnstiles in a guard house) in early 2006 the United State Army quickly realized the benefits a Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal can provide.

two turnstiles, two turnstiles in a MAC Portal, Two Turnstiles in a guard house, MAC-2
Equipped with two full height turnstiles, access control technology, and a guard office these new MAC-2's are pretty much standard issue for Modular Security Systems Inc. The only thing that isn't really standard is the heat resistant ceramic paint that helps camouflage the units as well as give it an added level of insulation in the desert climate where it will be utilized.

two turnstiles in MAC Portal, MAC Portal with two turnstiles, Two turnstiles in a Guard Shack

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