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V-Series MAC Portal, Guardhouse with turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles, modular guard shack with turnstiles
Modular Security Systems Inc. recently completed the installation of a new V-Series Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal on site at Braidwood Nuclear Generation Station in Illinois. This V-Series MAC Portal was put into place to meet Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) regulations meant to increase the isolation area between the perimeter of the plant and it's infrastructure.

v-series mac portal, turnstiles in a guard house, turnstiles in a guard shack

This climate controlled guard shack with turnstiles comes complete with 8 full height, high security turnstiles, a guard office, and vestibules on both the secured and non-secure sides. Entrance to the site is regulated through the use of access control technology and the turnstiles installed in the V-Series MAC Portal.

v-series mac portal, mac portal, modular guard shack with turnstiles

In addition to the V-Series MAC Portal the site also ordered this modular guard shack without turnstiles that is used as a guard office for security specialist to work and monitor vehicles as they enter the site. Both units were fitted with an exterior facade and are climate controlled through the use of insulation and HVAC units.

MSSI is proud of these installations and are in the process of updating photo documentation of the number of V-Series Installations, like this one, around the country.

For more information on MSSI and the V-Series Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, check back as our Blog will be updated regularly.