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V-Series MAC Portal, MAC Portal, Guard house with turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles
Over the last year and a half Modular Security Systems Inc. has seen an immense amount of interest in its V-Series Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal. With over ten V-Series MAC Portals sold this year alone the benefits of these modular guard houses with turnstiles is more than evident. "We're glad that we can offer our customers a high security, modular solution for access control to their sites and we're excited about the future of the product", stated Kevin Harrison, Vice President of MSSI. "The number of orders we've received just goes to show how highly beneficial the V-Series can be."

Guard Shack with turnstiles, Guard Office with turnstiles, V-Series MAC Portal, MAC Portal
The V-Series MAC Portal pictured here is closed to being complete and is scheduled to ship within the next few weeks. This modular guard office with turnstiles has 4 full height high security turnstile lanes and an office for guards that will be able to monitor individuals entering and exiting their site.

Guard Office with turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles, V-Series MAC Portal, MAC Portal

Like all V-Series MAC Portals this one is fully insulated and will be integrated with the customer specified access control technology. It will also be fitted with an exterior facade meant to give the unit a permanent-structure-appearance and to match existing buildings currently on site at the customers location.

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