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MSSI recently began construction on a new V-Series MAC Portal that will be tied into an existing security facility in the North Eastern US. Above is an artist rendering of what the unit will look like once installed on site. It will have six full height turnstile lanes consisting of 3 tandem turnstiles as well as an ADA gate to meet site specifications.This custom unit consists of two 45' high cube ISO shipping containers and will be fitted with a roof structure once delivered to the site.

v-series mac portal, mac portal, turnstiles, turnstile

To begin the construction of this custom V-Series MAC Portal the walls of both of the containers were removed and the roof of one was cut out to meet the customers design requirements. Once the walls and top of the shipping containers were removed the unit was reinforced with steel C Channel beams for support.  

v-series, mac portal, v-series mac portal, turnstiles, turnstile

As you can see from the photos this unit is in the beginning stages of construction. Once completed it will have insulation throughout, finished wall and floor treatments, electrical conduit, HVAC, an exterior facade and all the access control security required to maintain the safety and security of the site.

v-series, mac portal, v-series mac portal, turnstiles, turnstile

Check back as our Blog will be updated as this project continues.

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