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5 turnstiles in a MAC Portal, five turnstiles in a guardhouse, 5 turnstiles
This Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with 5 turnstiles stands as a testament to the durability and functionality of the products offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. Delivered in May of 2007 this MAC-5 continues to be utilized as a secure access control system for projects and outages on site at an AEP power plant in Southern Ohio.  

5 turnstiles, 5 turnstiles in a MAC Portal, 5 turnstiles in a guard shack

Like all MAC Portals this guardhouse with turnstiles was delivered fully insulated, climate controlled, and integrated with site specified access control technology. This particular unit that has been in uses since the spring of 2007 utilizes two full height turnstile lanes for entry to the site and three turnstile lanes for the exiting of employees at the end of their shift.

Video of this guard shack with turnstiles has also been taken to demonstrate the flow of employees as they exit the facility. To view the "MAC in Action" Video click here.

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