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perimeter security, perimeter security systems, perimeter security solutions

Perimeter Security and Perimeter Security Systems at nuclear facilities around the world and in the US are a top priority for the industry of nuclear power generation. Individuals who attempt to attack nuclear facilities with terroristic intent have a multitude of options at their disposal. They may attempt to interrupt or interfere with deliveries of fuel or waste; attack a facility using armed force, steal radioactive material, blow up the facility, or even cause a melt down. For this very reason, any and all nuclear facilities containing considerable amounts of radioactive substances must therefore be defended from a wide range of threats using perimeter security as it's first line of defense.

perimeter security, perimeter security solution, perimeter security system

Perimeter security for these sites has been based on the notion of "defense-in-depth." The defense-in-depth method essentially requires that each nuclear facility be surrounded by multiple layers of security barriers with a distance of separation between them. Vehicle and pedestrian access is strictly controlled and highly monitored by often armed guards. In most all incidences these facilities are met with new regulations that will tighten security measures on sight. Over the past year an number of facilities have faced such changes in regulations and have turned to Modular Security Systems Inc. and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal for a solution.

perimeter security, perimeter security solution, perimeter security system

Through the use of the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and the New V-Series MAC Portal a number of nuclear facilities have met the demand of new regulations on perimeter security. To view more photos of Standard MAC Portals and the New V-Series visit our photo gallery, watch our video, and check back as our blog is regularly updated.