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Guardhouse without turnstiles, access control guard shack without turnstiles, Guard Office
Modular Security System Inc. has just recently completed modifications on a portable guard office that will be used in combination with a larger V-Series unit on site at a nuclear power plant in the United States. After witnessing the container modification expertise of MSSI the customer inquired about providing their site a guard shack that would match the V-Series MAC Portal also on order.

Guardhouse, Guard shack, guard office
This modular guard office without turnstiles has been fully insulated with finished walls, flooring, HVAC, and overhead lighting. The guard shack has all the necessary hook ups for phone lines, internet access, and electrical outlets to provide security personnel on site the ability to perform task needed to secure the facility. The portable check point has also been fitted with an exterior facade that will mirror the larger V-Series unit that will be delivered early next week.

Guard shack without turnstiles, guard office, guardhouse, check point
Kevin Harrison, Vice President of Modular Security Systems Inc., commented that, "By providing customers the option of having modular check points that can act as guard shacks with turnstiles and without turnstiles we have opened the door to a new product built to suit any security need on site." MSSI has long been a customer demand driven company that provides the right solution for access control at any site. With the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, V-Series MAC Portal, and the Portable Guard Shack without turnstiles MSSI can provide all the on site perimeter security you need.

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