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advanced screening portal, advanced screening checkpointModular Security Systems Inc, MSSI 
Modular Security Systems, Inc., MSSI would like to announce that it has received a formal Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on its intellectual property application regarding the Advanced Security Checkpoint. This unit like other MAC Portals is a combination of shipping containers, turnstiles, and access control systems. Due to this Notice of Allowance being issued, MSSI expects to have the official Letters Patent to be issued regarding it’s US Patent and Trademark application in the coming months.  


advanced screening checkpoint, advanced screening complex
In addition to filing for intellectual property rights with the US Patent and Trademark Office, MSSI has also filed for patent rights in many other countries around the world.  Back in July of 2009,  while waiting for the US Letters Patent to be issued, MSSI was pleased to receive the official Letters Patent for its mobile turnstile unit from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.   This Nigerian Patent which has been issued to Modular Security Systems, Inc (MSSI) is for a term of 20 years, has a filing date of 15 September 2005 and an expiration date of 15 September 2025.

Modular Security Systems, Inc., MSSI, has incorporated a number of turnstiles from various turnstile manfacturers and other barrier devices into its patented MAC Security portal to date and management at MSSI has been very pleased with the performance of all makes/models of barrier devices that it has installed thus far in its manufacturing of MAC Security portals.   Rob Slagel, Co-President of MSSI says: “MSSI has been extremely pleased with the performance of the turnstiles used as an access control turnstile inside of the MAC Security Portal.  We have used a number of brands including Boon Edam, Controlled Access, and Perey turnstiles.

Modular Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) official position on this patent allowance is as follows;   The patent application covers our Containerized Access Control Systems. We want to ensure
our customers that the patent allowance WILL NOT impact our product pricing, product quality or customer service. We remain committed to being the low cost solution for providing an access control turnstile and/or access control turnstiles to your sites and we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service.

For More Info on the MAC Security Portal contact us here, watch  our video and visit us back out our Turnstile Blog as it is regularly updated.