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In an ideal world a construction site or industrial plant should have only one access point that allows for close monitoring of individuals entering and exiting the site. Employee, vendor, and guest parking areas should always be located outside the perimeter of a construction fence or in a clearly designated area within the fence line. Workers should also be easily recognizable by credentials that identify them as someone allowed to access the work area.
Turnstiles in Guard Shack, Access Control Turnstiles, portable access control point
High quality fencing around your perimeter is more often than not the first line of defense against trespassers and unauthorized individuals from entering your facility. Once an 8' fence has been installed around your perimeter the Modular Access Control (MAC)full height, high security turnstiles and access control technologies, including proximity card readers, hand geometry readers, and iris scanning detection MSSI can deliver the MAC Portal fence line ready to install. For sites where more than one entry/exit point multiple MAC Portals can also be installed at a major cost savings in comparison to traditional stick built structures.   Portal can be utilized to solve the rest of your problems. Through the use of


MAC Portal, Security Turnstiles, Full height turnstiles in a MAC


The Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal can easily be linked up with existing security systems on site or can act as a stand alone unit. Once on site the MAC Portal has proved to be successful in securing the perimeter of construction sites, but also brings the added incentive of maintaining employee time keeping records for payroll purposes and also by generating mustering reports in the case of an emergency.

To learn more about Modular Security Systems Inc and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal contact us or check back as our blog is regularly updated.