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Customized MAC-2, Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, customizable guardhouse with turnstiles
MSSI since its inception has been committed to meeting the site specific needs of its customers and has yet to say no to a new idea or need. One example of that is seen here in this modified MAC-2. This is a Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with two full height security turnstiles and has been modified by installing a liftmaster vehicle barrier. This modular guardhouse with turnstiles is delivered fence-line ready and can be built, delivered, and installed in a fraction of the time it takes a similar stick-built structure to be constructed.
Once on site this unit regulates the entry of employees and visitors to the site through access control technology and full height turnstiles. As seen above the 2 full height security turnstiles on the entry and exit sides of the MAC-2 have been installed and integrated with access control technology to manage foot traffic on to the site. Based on the needs of the site this MAC Portal has also been setup to regulate vehicle access to the site through the use of the liftmaster road barrier. 
When it comes to modular access control technologies and site security, Modular Security Systems Inc. has the standard and customizable floor plans to meet the needs of any site. Visit us back here at for updates on the Patent Allowed Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal.