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Advanced Screening Complex, ASC, multi container modification    advanced screening complex, ASC, multi shipping container modification

Yesterday the first 3 shipping containers of a massive 15 box Advanced Screening Complex (ASC), modified with full height turnstiles, were loaded and sent west towards Arizona. Today 3 more turnstile container modification from the ASC will be disassembled and loaded for shipment. As is standard for all mult-container modifications the individual modules will be pulled apart and covered with a protective wrap and tarps to maintain the units as they are trucked across the U.S. 

ASC, Advanced Screening Complex, container turnstile modifications   ASC, Advanced Screening Center, turnstile container, turnstiles in a guardhouse

As the individual Modular Access Control (MAC) modules arrive onsite they will be reassembled and integrated with a number of detection devises for security screening purposes. The ASC, once assembled, will have baggage scanning capabilities with x-ray, metal, and bomb detection, as well as, hand geometry readers, and access card readers. Much like security checkpoints at major airports around the world, the completed ASC will offer a high security entrance significantly cheaper than a traditional stick built structure.    

Continue to check back at for updates on builds and more information on Modular Security Systems, Inc. and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal.