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In the past Modular Security Systems, Inc. has been very successful at taking security essentials like access control technologies, full height security turnstiles, and putting them in a box. In doing so MSSI has manufactured a portable, ground level guardhouse that can be delivered to customers around the world in a matter of weeks as compared to traditional stick built security buildings that take months to construct.

modular guardhouse with turnstiles, access control turnstiles, security turnstiles, portable guard shack with turnstiles

Standard Modular Access Control (Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, turnstiles, turnstile security, MSSI) Portals that are typically manufactured out of one ISO shipping container have been very successfull at a lot of major construction sites and military installations around the world. By being portable ground level units that don't require much more than to be dropped in a fence line and hooked up to power the security turnstiles, turnstile, modular access control (MAC), MSSI, container turnstiles, turnstile container has been perfect for temporary installations.

Modular Access control (MAC) Portal, Portable guardhouse with turnstiles, access control turnstiles

A number of customers have also used these portable guard shacks with access control turnstiles as permenant fixtures at high security sites like refineries, power plants and nuclear facilities. More recently a large number of customers have been asking for options to make these modular guardhouses have the look and feel of more permanent buildings that match up to their existing site facade. MSSI has responded with an exterior facade that comes in a wide array of styles, and colors.

access control turnstiles, modular access control (MAC) Portal, MSSI modular access control (mac) portal, MSSI, exterior facades exterior facades, security turnstiles, modular acess control (MAC) Portal

These exterior facades are currently being added to the New V-Series product line as well as standard MSSI, MOdular access control (MAC) Portal Portals. For more information on how MSSI can provide your high security site with a portable solution for both temporary and permanent installations contact us via the submission form at the top of the page.