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For the fifth year in a row Modular Security Systems Inc. and Boon Edam will be sharing a booth at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV. This year the event will be held March 24-26 at the Sands Convention Center and, as in years past, MSSI will be displaying a Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal at their shared event booth with Boon Edam. Mark Borto, Boon Edam Vice President of Sales and Marketing says "We have enjoyed having Modular Security Systems, Inc. as customers for a number of years and we are very excited that MSSI has put trust in our performance by allowing Boon Edam to become an authorized dealer of their unique product."

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At ISC West 2010 MSSI will be exhibiting a two turnstile, MAC-2 finished with the new fiber cement, exterior facade. "We've gone to ISC West for the past few years and we've always taken one of our standard MAC Portals, but this year we are glad we get a chance to display this new feature of the MAC and we think a lot of potential customers will appreciate it", stated Co-President David Slagel. These exterior finishes, which can come in a wide array of colors and archetectural block facades, can be used to match structures currently at a site and to give the MAC a more permanent look and feel.

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By introducing the new facades at ISC West MSSI will get the oportunity to reach out to a broader group of clients who may have heard of the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal but were concerned that standard MAC Portals look like a temporary solution. "Although, we have had several customers install standard MAC Portals as permenant access control solutions, we think the new facades will open the doors for a lot more customers to consider MSSI as their permanent solution for onsite access control."

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Stop by Booth number 20077 at ISC West (see booth highligted in Red above) to learn more about the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and the new exterior facades.