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V-Series MAC Portal, Turnstile container, container turnstiles, access control turnstiles, guardhouse with access control turnstiles
 In Northern Ohio this week the first of the two NEW V-Series MAC Portals to ship has come together. The portable guardhouse with access control turnstiles shown above is in the final stages of installation. With all three of the units individual MAC modules pulled together this V-Series is ready to be powered up and integrated with access control technologies. This guard shack with turnstiles and access control will be setup to be able to provide reporting and communicate seamlessly with the access control, time-keeping, and security system currently on site.   
guard shack with turnstiles, access control turnstiles, portable guardhouse with access control turnstiles
By providing V-Series customers the option to have a modular unit manufactured off site, shipped in, and assembled on site MSSI has been able to save them significantly on construction, permitting, and engineering costs. For many sites around the U.S. MAC Portals have actually proven to pay for themselves within a short amount of time. Through the use of access control and full-height turnstiles, the MAC Portal and the New V-Series dramatically reduce "theft of time" or "attendance fraud" which according to the American Payroll Association costs companies approximately $491 billion per year. 
turnstiles in a guard shack, guardhouse with access control turnstiles, mobile guardhouse with access control turnstiles, security turnstiles
Pretty soon a fence will be going up and the perimeter security at this site will be finalized in record time. What would've taken a construction company, engineering firm, and architect six months to a year to build has been delivered and will be fully operational within four to six weeks. For more information on the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and the New V-Series MAC fill out a form submission here at and one of our project managers will be in contact with you. Also check back for updates and new pictures as they come in.