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Turnstile access control portal, guardhouse with access control turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles and access control
The third and final MAC module of this 3 box V-Series (shown above) arrived onsite at a nuclear facility in Northern Ohio earlier this week. Like all Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals the portability of these guardhouses with turnstiles saved the site significantly on construction, engineering, and permitting costs. Once all 3 of the units were delivered they were off loaded and adjoined together to create the V-Series MAC Portal.   
turnstile access control, guard shack with access control turnstiles, turnstiles in a guardhouse with access control 
Upon coupling the individual modules together the exterior facade of fiber cement panels and the standing seam roof will be installed. Once the unit is put together the electric will be hooked up. The site specified access control technologies in the V-Series MAC Portal can be tied into the sites existing security system or act as a stand alone unit. Depending on the site selected system any number of reports can be accessed using the V-Series MAC Portal to manage time-keeping, tool theft, and onsite security.     
access control turnstiles, security turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles, turnstile security system, portable access control turnstiles

The New V-Series MAC Portal is essentially a guardhouse with access control and turnstiles that once delivered to the site can be dropped into a fence-line "plug and play", ready to operate. These units with their exterior facade and climated controlled environment offer a wide range of benefits to any site needing either a temporary or permanent access control security entrance. For more information on the V-Series MAC Portal check out our V-Series Photo Gallery or the V-Series MAC Turnstile page here at .