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Over the past week 25 semi trucks made their way in and out of Modular Security Systems Worthington, KY, manufacturing facility. A number of builds are in the final stages of manufacturing and have been prepped to be shipped to customers around the country. The Standard Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal above has 8 full height turnstiles and was shipped to a customer in Toledo, OH where it will be dropped in a fence-line and powered up for immediate access control security.   

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Wrapping up production on one of the New V-Series MAC Portals with full height turnstiles and access control, Modular Security Systems has been working non-stop to ship out the individual modules that make up these portable guardhouses. After installing the exterior facade and light fixtures the last module of this V-Series MAC Portal is nearly ready to ship. To insure ease of installation once the V-Series has arrived onsite all units are also checked for inventory before being loaded. 

MACs on the road, turnstile security, access control turnstiles, guard shack with access control turnstiles.
After arrival, onsite installation is a breeze and depending on the site and specifications the MAC may only require a 220 single phase hookup to power to be fully operational. The portability and ease of installation make these guardhouses with access control turnstiles the perfect solution for numerous sites both in the US and around the world. For more information on the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal contact us via our online form submission.