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The New V-Series Photo Galleryis now available here at and will be updated regularly as the units continue to be manufactured and shipped across the country and around the world. The new gallery shows the V-Series MAC Portal in the final stages of construction. The V-Series MAC Portal differentiates itself from standard MAC Portals by giving our customers the ability to have a fully climate controlled environment that can be integrated with any number of biometric access control technologies.

Coupled with access control integration and full height security turnstiles the V-Series MAC Portal is not unlike a Standard MAC and can be installed as a permanent or temporary addition to any fence line.  

access control turnstiles, guard shack with turnstiles and access control, security turnstiles in guardhouse

The V-Series MAC Portal can also be fitted with exterior facades to give it a more permanent look and feel. The fiber cement facades for the New V-Seriescan come in a wide range of designs and colors giving our customers a permanent structure that matches the overall design of their existing facility. By adding the exterior facade to the V-Series MAC Portals an added level of aesthetics and insulation properties is achieved.

turnstile security in a guardhouse, guard shack with turnstiles, turnstile security

The New V-Series MAC Portal is highly customizable and can be used as a permanent or temporary facility. A wide range of floor plans, access control technologies, turnstiles, and facades can be provided by one of our highly skilled project managers. Visit us here at for updates and contact us for more information on the New V-Series and other MAC Models.