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As the arctic front moved across the area this week no amount of snow or cold could slow progress on the 40 builds MSSI has underway. Nearly 50 trained container modification specialists continued to work relentlessly on standard MAC Portals, a number of new V-Series MAC Portals, and a 15 container build for one customer in the nuclear industry. The uncommon winter weather that overcame the area provided the perfect back drop to test out some of the newer multi-container custom MAC Portals. These multi-box units and the New V-Series with exterior facades were custom designed for onsite installations that require a climate controlled security gate where employees and visitor can get out of the weather as they make their way through the turnstiles.

V-Series MAC Portal, access control turnstiles, guard shack with access control and turnstiles, turnstiles in a guardhouse with access control

For customers in Canada and northern parts of the United States getting visitors and employees out of the weather as they wait to pass through an access control point is a matter of concern throughout much of the year. By providing the new V-Series MAC Portals and other custom multi-Mac Portal turnstile installations MSSI has the perfect solution. The climate controlled nature of these units also allows for any number of biometric access control technologies including hand geometry readers, iris scanning detection devices, metal detection, x-rays, and proximity card readers. Given the numerous options for access control systems customers have been able to upgrade and increase perimeter security by installing these new climate controlled full height turnstile MAC Portals.

access control turnstiles, turnstiles with access control, guardhouse with access control and turnstiles

By adapting to the needs of its customers and the ever changing world of perimeter security MSSI and the MAC Portal have continued to upgrade and build upon the idea of installing access control and turnstiles in a container. The MAC Portal as a guardhouse with time-keeping and security functions has changed over time and as the needs of its customers evolve so will the MAC.