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Turnstile security, MAC Portal, Access Control Turnstiles in a Guardhouse.

In a word 2009 for Modular Security Systems Inc. was tremendous. In 2009 MSSI expanded its manufacturing workspace from 10,000 square feet to just over 40,000 square feet, increased sales by 200% vs. 2008, and also received a newsworthy visit from Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. Moving into 2010 MSSI has 40 builds currently underway at the new manufacturing facility. New Standard floor plan MAC Portals and the New V-Series MACs are shipping to nuclear facilities and other major power and refining projects around the world.

A heightened sense of awareness for security, theft control, and time-keeping capabilities have driven the demand for guardhouses with access control and turnstiles up in recent years. Many major industrial sites have seen the benefit of having a clockhouse with full height turnstiles and have deployed MAC Portals to secure their sites both permenantly and temporarily based on their site specific needs. 

As 2009 went out with a bang of new customers and new business 2010 is expected to bring in more of the same for the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and the folks at Modular Security Systems Inc. Check back for more information on the MAC Portal Rental Program, the New V-Series MAC Portal and other MSSI News.