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With another successful trade show under its belt MSSI and the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal are leaving Las Vegas. Power Gen. International Trade Show continues to be a fantastic avenue for MSSI to display and discuss the MAC portal as both a temporary and permenant turnstile security solution for power plants and projects around the world. With industry leading power producers like Alstom Power, American Electric Power, Florida Power and Light, as well as global construction companies Bechtel, Shaw, and SNC Lavalin all under one roof Power Gen. International offers the perfect opportunity for MSSI to reach the companies with specific needs for the "patent allowed" MAC Portal.

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Although booth traffic was somewhat slower than trades shows in the past, a good number of visitors and delegates made their way to the MSSI booth to discuss turnstile security systems and access control technologies. Many mentioned seeing Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals on major power plant construction sites around the United States including greenfield projects like American Electric Powers' JW Turk Power Plant outside Texarkana, Arkansas and at the John Amos Power Plant in Winfield, West Virginia. Many noted the convenience and versatility of the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal as a major benefit to both construction companies involved in large industrial projects and to power generation facilities as temporary or permanent installations.

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"Versatility is key" mentioned Steve Shelton, MSSI Project Manager, "Construction company representatives that visit the booth like the modular aspect of the MAC because it can be moved from project to project whereas plant security managers like that the MAC can be used as a permanent installation. We've even started putting exterior facades and additional space in our standard MAC Portals to create what we're calling the V-Series." The new V-Series is a standard MAC Portal with additional containers adjoined to each side to make the unit larger and to create vestibules for customers to get out of the weather as they make their way through the turnstiles. "A lot of the people that we've talked to here at the show see the benefit of our standard MAC portals and the new V-Series. Although it was a little slower this year I'm sure we've made some great contacts and impressed a lot of people with our designs", stated Steve.