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Turnstiles are being installed in the new V-Series Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals. Pictured above is one of the new MAC-8V units being built for one the Modular Security Systems customers in the nuclear industry. The turnstiles going into these units are going to be used as a means to increase the perimeter security around nuclear facilities in the U.S. After new Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)released regulations nuclear power plants and ancillary facilities have been working feverishly to come up to code.   

Standard Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal Onsite

Some sites have already seen the benefits in standard Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals (as seen above) whereas others have different needs that require a different design. Out of that need and site specific requirements the New V-Series provides a completely climate controlled area for workers and visitors to enter regulated sites.

By adding vestibules on either side of a standard MAC Portal, Modular Security Systems Inc. has began to cater to customers in more northern climates where cold weather, snow, and rain require a waiting area for visitors and employees before passing through the turnstiles.

The standard MAC Portals are currently guarding perimeter security around the world and the New V-Series is sure to follow. Check back for more updates on Modular Security Systems Inc. and our "patent allowed" turnstile security system the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal.