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With a new manufacturing facility and new custom container turnstile builds underway Modular Security Systems, Inc. is making the end of the year push to produce more sales. In just the last few weeks MSSI has received numerous calls for standard modular access control (MAC) Portal floor plans and has sent out a number of estimates.

In the last week 4 standard MAC Portals have been ordered ranging from MAC-2's (two turnstile units) to MAC-6's (six turnstile units). Currently ordering 40 turnstiles at a time manufacturing receives a minimum of one shipment of full height turnstiles a month. These turnstile units are used in all of the standard and custom MAC floor plans.

With the 500% increase in manufacturing space MSSI has set itself up for success under a new roof. With a steady stream of 40 plus full time employees manufacturing 6 days a week the "patent allowed" turnstiles container modification. Secured by MAC is becoming synonymous with access control, time-keeping functionalities and turnstile security at major industrial construction, refining, and power generation facilities world-wide.

For more information on the MAC and the company as a whole visit us on line at or call at 740.532.7822