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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has been providing portable perimeter security products to the US military, Pentagon and various other clients since the company was founded in 2005. These products, designed to deny and allow entry provide utilize the functionality of a wide range of turnstiles and access control technologies and can be integrated with blast and ballistic protection per customers requests. With a wide range of floor plans and options MSSI can provide the portable perimeter security solution our customers need to garantee safety and security in an ever-changing world.

Working with turnstile manufacturers and access control companies MSSI and the MAC Portal have been able to secure both industrial and commercial construction projects all around the world. The products offered by MSSI are Turn-Key, portable, durable, and can be fitted with any access control technology your site requires. Standard MAC Portal rentals from MSSI come with one, two, four, and six turnstile lanes depending on our customers on site needs. With a design that reduces payroll costs through the elimination of theft of time, buddy punching, and "ghost employees" the Patented MAC Portal can save your project significant amounts of time and money.

Transporting a Patented MAC Portal with turnstiles and access control as portable perimeter security solutions is simple. Through the use of the fork lift pockets and corner casting the MAC Portal can be moved using both a crane, a fork lift or even a roll off trailer. Once the unit is delivered to its' intended location it can be dropped into a fence line hooked to power and it is ready to be put to work.

Through the access control technology these units can monitor time-keeping and payroll functions while securing a customers site from unwanted intrusion. The turnstiles in MAC Portals can also hinder tool theft and buddy punching to eliminate additional loss of time and money.

MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with an expertise in engineering, designing, and manufacturing unique, portable perimeter security solutions out of ISO shipping containers, access control technology, and turnstiles to address perimeter security needs worldwide. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit and large public events.

For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc. and all of our turn-key, portable perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.