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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) takes ISO shipping containers, turnstiles, and access control technology and turns them into portable perimeter security solutions for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Working to meet customers site specific security needs we have built Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals and patent pending Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals for customers in the military, commercial, and industrial construction. With portable perimeter security solutions all around the world MSSI has built units that can meet the security and environmental needs of our customers in both extreme heat and cold weather conditions. 

MSSI,perimeter security solution,turnstile,turnstiles,Modular Security Systems Inc,access controlUtilizing over a decade of ISO shipping container modification expertise and practice MSSI has been able to create a standard line of Patented MAC Portals as well as create custom solutions and floor plans for its' customers.

By building time tested, turn-key portable perimeter solutions for customers around the world MSSI has established itself as a trusted source for industry leaders in commercial and industrial construction. Working with customers like Fluor, Jacobs, Shaw, and Bechtel as well as defense operations in the United States Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy MSSI has build an impressive list of customers and clients.

With high quality portable perimeter security solutions that utilize the expertise and toughness of full height and waist high turnstiles MSSI is committed to providing only the best security solutions for our customers. At Modular Security Systems Inc. we aim to improve and enhance customer satisfaction through effectively creating portable perimeter security solutions that can be custom engineered and designed to meet their site specific needs.

Over the years MSSI has become the trusted source for security products that are turn-key, portable, and built to suit any customers needs and specifications regardless of work environment and climate conditions. 

For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc. and all of our turn-key, portable perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.