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The team at Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) knows that effective perimeter security can range from high fences, to guard houses, to turnstiles, access control, and ballistic resistant enclosures that are meant to restrict access and deter unauthorized entry. Working with some of the biggest players in the security world MSSI has been able to provide all of these aspects of security through the creation of portable perimeter security solutions. The projects that the team at MSSI has worked on have been primarily focused on major industrial and commercial construction projects at power plants, chemical facilities, refineries, military installations, airports, and many many more. Working directly with security professionals on these projects MSSI has been able to create a wide range of portable perimeter security solutions using the latest security technologies incorporated into ISO shipping containers.  With the inclusion of turnstiles, access control, and the durability of ISO shipping containers MSSI has created and patented the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and other portable perimeter security products. 
"Some of the projects and companies we've worked with have little-to-no perimeter security so our job is to help our customers evaluate their needs and create site specific solutions that will work to deter theft of time, tools, equipment, and inevitably money," stated David Johnson, Business Development Manager for MSSI. "Then of course some have some of those security solutions in place and just need a secure entry point for an increase in workers for the duration of a project." 
The main goal for MSSI is to address the ever changing security needs of our customers and satisfy their site specific needs. In creating portable perimeter security solutions using ISO shipping containers, turnstiles, and access control MSSI has developed products that can be used as permanent installations or be used over multiple locations and projects throughout the lifespan of the units we sell and rent. Working with major contractors like Fluor, Shaw, Jacobs, and Bechtel Corporation MSSI has delivered ISO shipping containers with turnstiles and access control that can be used on one project and then easily transported to another construction site for security.
The first step for MSSI is to determine the customers perimeter security needs. Utilizing a Turnstile Flow Calculator MSSI can look at how many workers any given project will have on site, the time or duration of shift change, and the type of access control technology needed to determine the number of turnstile lanes needed. Once the number of turnstile lanes needed has been calculated MSSI works with its' customers to address access control technology that can be used for not just security but also time-keeping and payroll capabilities. After all of these determinations have been made a portable perimeter security solution can be built within 4-6 weeks based on work flow at the onset of the project. 
For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc. and all of our portable perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.