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Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Harrison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI). MSSI modifies ISO shipping containers into Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals and other portable perimeter security solutions for major industrial and commercial construction projects around the world. Utilizing a surplus of ISO shipping containers that would otherwise go unused in the United States MSSI converts these "boxes" into perimeter security products complete with turnstiles, vehicle barrier gates, and access control technology for some of the largest construction companies in the US and around the world.

MD: Kevin, what are some of the most frequently asked questions that potential customer have when they call about our products?

KH: How many turnstiles do I need? Can you (MSSI) do the access control integration? How long will it take to get one of your units? Do you rent them? How much are they?

MD: Wow! Sounds like the perfect place to start. Let's discuss the answers to some of these.

perimeter security solution, turnstile, turnstiles, Modular Security Systems Inc, vehicle barrier gate, MSSI, Modular Access Control, MAC Portal, vehicle access control

How many turnstiles does a customer need when it comes to our Patented MAC Portals?

KH: It really depends on how many workers they are going to have on site and how long they during shift change to cycle everyone in and out of their facility. We've developed a Turnstile Calculator that is on our website for customers to estimate how many turnstile lanes they'll need to meet their needs. Give them a link or something to it in this blog. You're the web guy!

MD: Deal! CLICK HERE for the Turnstile Flow Calculator, folks!

MD: To continue, typically how many turnstiles can a customer actually get in a MAC Portal?

KH: Well they can get anywhere from 1 to 10 turnstile lanes in a single box unit but by adjoining multiple units together to create multi-box MAC Portals they can get as many as they need.

MD: Very Nice! Keep moving along through the most frequently asked questions: Does MSSI do Access Control Integration in our portable perimeter security solutions.

KH: Yes. We do and we can, however we typically recommend that customers do this themselves with a local access control integrator in their area in case of maintenance and updating needs. We've integrated a lot of MAC Portals with a wide range of access control for customers all around the world but we've come to find that a lot of the time it's just easier for the customer to work with someone local that they can call and have on site the same day or within short notice.

MD: Excellent. It's all about the customer and their needs. I get that. So how long does it take to get a Patented MAC Portal once we receive a purchase order from a customer?

KH: It really depends on what they are looking for... Sometimes we can address their needs out of our rental fleet or with an existing used unit but if they need something we don't have in stock or they are just looking to purchase a brand new unit the lead time is typically 4-6 weeks. 

MD: That's pretty quick!

KH: Yeah. A lot of times when they hear it doesn't take that long to get a new unit they will go ahead and order one newly built.

MD: Good deal. So I guess you've already answered the question about do we rent them so tell me what sizes or types of units MSSI rents?

KH: We rent the MAC-1, MAC-2 DuoCon (without a guard office), the MAC-2, MAC-4, MAC-6 as well as the VAC-Mini and VAC-2.

MD: What's the difference between a VAC-Mini and the VAC-2?

KH: The guard house. They both have the same number of vehicle barrier arms but the VAC-Mini has a 4' x 6' guard house whereas the VAC-2 has an 8' x 10' guard house.

MD: Sounds like MSSI has a fairly diverse product line of portable perimeter security products that can suit a wide range of security needs for our customers. That leads me to the final most frequently asked question: How much do these units cost?

KH: Well I can't just go through our entire product line listing prices now can I? Just have them contact me and we'll send em' a quote.

MD: Works for me. So just a few more questions and I'll let you get back to work. How long does it take to install one of these units?

KH: It depends on the product but typically 1 to 2 days tops. A lot of time customers can have them up and running the same day they're delivered depending on the amount of work they already have completed once the unit arrives. Offload them, hook them to power and communication lines and they're ready to work.

MD: Sounds quick enough. What type of site work is generally needed on site prior to the arrival of one of these perimeter security solutions? 

KH: They would typically need to prep the site with hard-packed gravel, concrete, or asphalt and run the communication and power lines but that's about it. If they already have those things done one of our units can be up and running in a matter of an hour or two upon being delivered. 

MD: Not too time consuming I suppose. So tell me how long have you been with Modular Security Systems Inc.? 

KH: 7 years, I started in 2007.

MD: So in the 7 years you've worked for MSSI what are some of your most memorable sales or customers?

KH: My first sale was to a company called Securix. I sold them a MAC-2 pretty soon after starting and they actually just bought another one last year. Other than that I think working with the nuclear plants because those units were pretty complex given their needs and also the Marathon-Garyville project because of the number of units they ended up ordering. It was something like 15 MAC Portals. 

MD: That's impressive! Anything that big coming up around the bend for MSSI?

KH: Well, right now I'm working on putting a deal together for Tengizchevroil in Kazakhstan for 39 of our products. 21 MAC Portals and 18 VAC Portals. It's a lot of work because it's an international company and we have to meet different shipping and electrical requirements as well as the contractual side of the deal. It's keeping me pretty busy, to be honest.

MD: Wow! 39 units! That's fantastic! With that said, sir, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and let you get back to it!

More information on Modular Security Systems Inc. the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, the Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal and all of our portable perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.