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The Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals with full height turnstiles and access control technology are designed to control pedestrians and foot traffic entering or exiting restricted areas where security is required. These turnstiles in a shipping container invention from Modular Security Systems Inc. can be used for bidirectional access control applications on major industrial and commercial construction sites. The Patented MAC Portal has been designed as a modular or portable perimeter solution and can easily be delivered on site via fork lifts, cranes, or roll off/hydraulic trailers. 
The Patented MAC Portal and the turnstiles used in its' creation offer customers on major construction projects the ability to secure their site, inhibit tool theft, and depending on the access control technology installed can provide minute to minute reporting for payroll and time keeping purposes.
By utilizing ISO shipping containers as the building block for these portable perimeter security solutions with turnstiles MSSI has invented a product that is durable, portable, and built to last decades. These turn-key solutions offer customers the ability to use the turnstile security system in one location and then transport it to the next job site for reuse.
For locations with a reduced need for security Patented MAC Portals can also be integrated with half height or waist high turnstiles. While the majority of MAC Portals built by MSSI are used for high security locations and the need for full height turnstiles some customers don't always require that level of security. Those customers have come to find that the half height or waist high turnstiles provided by MSSI can be used for ticket counters, RFID, and access card entry.
Do you have a job site that needs to be secured? Do you need to track your employees entry/exit for payroll and time-keeping purposes?
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