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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) builds portable turn-key vehicle barrier gates for customers around the world. From commercial locations to major industrial construction projects and military installations MSSI has worked with a wide range of customers to build vehicle barrier gates` for vehicle access control and portable perimeter security. The Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The VAC Portal is built to be portable and easily relocated from location to location as vehicle access control is required over multiple site throughout its' lifecycle.
MSSI,vehicle access control,vehicle access control portal,Modular Security Systems Inc,vehicle barrier arms in a guard house,vehicle barrier gate,portable vehicle barrier arms,vehicle access control with a guard officeBuilt out of steel these portable turn-key vehicle barrier gates from MSSI are engineered and designed to withstand the rigors of use in varying climates. With optional insulation packages for both extreme cold and extreme heat environments the Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal is effective whether put to use in the cold of northwestern Canada or the heat of Southwestern Texas.     
Complete with a climate controlled guard office that can come in the standard 4' x 6', 8' x 10', or 8' x 20' sizes these vehicle barrier gates can also be built in larger, custom sizes when required. 
Custom paint, exterior facades, and site specific barrier arms can also be installed per customer request. 
The Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal is currently under review with the United States Patent and Trademark office where it is considered "patent pending". It is a portable turn-key portable perimeter security solution that is built and delivered as one unit. The only thing that needs to be done onsite to get the unit up and running is to have power hooked to in and to attach the vehicle barrier arms to the vehicle barrier podiums which are pre-installed with the guard office on the VAC base.
For more information on the Patent Pending Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal and all of the portable perimeter security solutions offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.