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Modular Security Systems Inc. builds Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals out of ISO shipping containers, access control technology, and turnstiles.  

For years MSSI has worked with a number of turnstiles and turnstile manufacturers but more often than not has used full height turnstiles provided by Boon Edam. Utilizing the Turnlock 100 turnstile (previously known as the THT-100) from Boon Edam, MSSI has been able to create a wide range of patented MAC Portals for customers around the world. The Turnlock 100 is an all metal, full height, high security turnstile that is durable and fit for both indoor and outdoor gate installations.  

MSSI,turnstile,turnstiles,patented MAC Portal,Modular Security Systems Inc,Turnstiles in a containerIn creating ruggid, sustainable, and easily transported turn-key MAC Portals MSSI has sought out turnstiles that can match or exceed the life expectancy of the ISO shipping containers it uses to create these portable perimeter security products. The Turnlock 100 from Boon Edam turnstiles has exceeded both our and our customers expectations time and time again.  

Much like the Patented MAC Portals they are installed in the Turnlock 100 has gone through updates over time to further improve the already impeccable product, design, and functionality. With the addition of a recently redesigned top channel that allows for onsite configuration these high security turnstiles provided by Boon Edam can now switch direction of fail-lock and fail-safe or change the lock direction within a matter of minutes.

Modular Security Systems Inc. has been more than pleased to work with the professional staff and quality turnstile products provided by Boon Edam over the years.

For more information on all of the turnstiles and turnstile manufacturers MSSI works with be encourage you to visit our Turnstiles & Turnstile Manufactures Page, CONTACT US HERE or visit Boon Edam online at