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There's a wide range of articles on the internet and in the news that list the various reasons why every company should use social media for marketing purposes. While a majority of businesses use social media for marketing and sales type functions it's really hard to gauge the benefits for companies with industrial, almost niche products like those offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. Ever since the social media websites like Facebook and Linkedin have started to build regular traffic and follower businesses have sought to tap into the new medium. A great deal of buzz was built and almost every company out there has a fan or community page of one sort or the other. Not to be outdone Modular Security Systems Inc. has a Facebook Fan Pageas well.

MSSI is leading the world with regard to portable perimeter security solutions one turnstile and one "box" at a time. The Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal begins life as a standard ISO shipping container, built from 16 gauge COR-TEN steel. Built to hold sixty-seven thousand pounds and be stacked nine containers high these boxes make the perfect building block for a wide range of portable products.

Often left unused in ports around the country these unused boxes are not useless.  MSSI’s business like a number of other container modification companies around the world are built on reusing these shipping containers and in the case of MSSI to manufacture the Patented MAC Portal and other security products. The portability of these containers makes them perfect for modification into MAC Portals that can be installed quickly and easily by security professionals on site. The patented MAC Portal from MSSI is a fence-line ready guardhouse that is far more cost-effective than a traditional “stick-built” structure.

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